Word Power made easy Part1

25 Most Repeated Vocabulary in SSC CHSL/MTS/CGL 

 Alfresco In the open air (खुली हवा में)

Alluvial Made of sand and clay (
कछारी मिट्टी)

Amaranthine Undying or Unfading (ना मुरझानेवाला)

 Amicus curiae A friend of court who is called in for advise on some legal matter (अदालत का दोस्त)

 Amour Propre Self love , pride , vanity (आत्म सम्मान)

Word Power made easy Part1
Advanced English word

 Amusia  Disorder characterised by inability to recognize musical sound ( धुन समझने में असमर्थता)
 Anadig      A watch which has both conventional dial and hands and a digital number display

 Anaerobe A micro organism that can live and grow where there is no free oxygen ( अवायुजीवी )

 Analects Collection of literary excerpts or passages( साहित्यिक संग्रह)
 Annuity Money paid yearly or at specific periods. Eg. The widow recieves the annuity from her husband’s estate.(वार्षिकी)

 Annus mirabillis   A year regarded as critical or pivotal.

 Anodyne Balm (पीड़ानाशक दवा)

 Anosmia Total or partial loss of sense of smell

 Antiquary A person who collects deals in,or studies antiques and very ancient relics. (पुरातत्वविद)

 Aphasia Loss of speech( बोलने की शक्ति का नाश)

Apogee Apex, culmination, climax (चरमोतकर्स)

Apostasy Desertion of one’s religion, party, principles (किसी धर्म या सिद्ध्धन्त का त्याग करना)

 Apothegm Short pithy instructive saying, terse remark or aphorism(कहावत)

Apparatchik A member of any political organisation or bureaucrat

 Appellation Designation nickname ,moniker,cognomen (पदवी)

 Apposite Strikingly appropriate, Allot, Prorate, बिल्कुल ठीक

Allocate (उचित) Apriori From general law to particular instance

 Appropos (संभवतः) Suited to the time ,place or occasion . He spoke quite apropos

Argosy A large merchant ship, A fleet of such ship (जलयान)

 Argus Eyed Keenly observant , watchful (
Arraign To call into court to answer to a charge (मुकदमे के लिए अदालत में लाना )

 Attrition A gradual wearing down or weakening ( घिसावट)

 Aught The figure zero, Naught, nothing. (कुछ नही)

 Augur A person who foretells the future, soothsayer and prophet

 Aunaturel Plainly cooked in the natural condition.

 Autism A state of mind characterised by day dreaming ( विकलांगता )

 Avant-garde : Group especially in the arts regarded as being the most experimental.

 Avuncular  : Of an uncle (चाचा के समान)

 Azure :     Sky blue

 Amnesty :      An official general pardon of offender by agreement (अपराध में क्षमा)

Word Power made easy Part1

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