Fifty Advanced words for SSC Exams

50 Advanced words for SSC CHSL/MTS/CGL

Abase  means  ( अपमानित करना)
To lower in position

Abbess means (महिला महंत )
The lady of superior nunnery

Abbey means (बौद्ध मठ)
Group of buildings which collectively form the dwelling place of society of monks.

Abbot. means (मठाधीश)
The superior of community of monks

Abdicate means (त्यागना)
To give up

Fifty Advanced words for SSC Exams

Abdomen means (पेट)
The visceral cavity between the diaphragm and the pelvic floor and belly.

Abduction means (अपहरण)
Carrying away of a person against his will

Abed means (बिस्तर पर)
On a bed

Aberration means (पथ से विचलित होना )
Deviation from a right

Abet means (उकसाना)
To aid , promote

Indian constitution regulating act to Morley Minto act

Abeyance means (दुविधा)
Temporary inaction

Abhorrent means (घिनौना)
Very repugnant, hateful

Abidance means (पालन)
An abiding

Abject means (अधम)
Sunk to a low condition

Abjure means (त्यागना)
To recant, renounce

Ablution means ( स्नान )
A washing or cleansing of body

Abnegate means (अस्वीकार करना)
To renounce a right or privilege

Abnormal means (असामान्य)
Not confirmed to the ordinary rule

Abominable means ( घिनौना)
Very hateful

Abominate means (घृणा करना)
To hate violently

Abomination means (नफरत)
A very detestable act or practice

Aboriginal means (आदिवासी)
Primitive , unsophisticated

Aborigines means (मूलनिवासी)
The original of earliest known inhabitants of a country

Above board means (निश्छल)
Without fraud or trickery

Abrade means (नष्ट करना)
To wear away the surface by friction

Abrasion means( घर्षण)
That which is rubbed off

Abridge means (संछिप्त करना)
To make shorter in words

Abridgement means( संछिप्त रूप)
A condensed form of a book or play

Abrogate means (आभिनिसेध करना)
To abolish, repeal

Abrupt means (अकास्मिक)
Beginning ,ending or changing suddenly with a break

Abscess means  ( फोड़ा)
A collection of pus in a cavity formed within tissue of body

Abscission means (विगलन)
The act of cutting off as a surgical operation

Abscond means (फरार होना )
To depart suddenly and secretly as for the purpose of escaping arrest.

Absence means
The fact of not being present or available

Absent minded  means
Lacking in attention to immediate surrounding or business

Absolution means ( मुक्ति)
Forgiveness or passing  over of offenses

Absolve means (पाप या दंड से मुक्ति)
To free from sin or its penalties

Absorb means (सोख लेना)
To drink in or suck up

Absorption means (अवशोषण)
The act of absorbing

Abstain means (बचना)
To keep oneself back

Abstemious means (संयमी)
Characterized by self denial or abstinence as in the use of drink food

Abstinence means (परहेज़)
Self denial

Abstruse means (गूढ़,दुर्बोध, गहन)
Difficult to understood

Absurd means (बेतुका)
Inconsistent with reason or common sense

Abundant means (प्रचुर मात्रा में)

Abusive means (अपमानजनक)
Employing harsh words

Abut means सीमा पर एकत्रित होना)
To touch at the end or boundary line

Abyss means (रसातल)
Bottomless gulf

Academic means ( शैक्षिक)
Of or pertaining to an academy

Accede means (मान लेना )
To agree

50 more advanced words for SSC exams

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